Rock & Romance

I've been searching for a new year's eve dress since the temperatures went below 20 degrees. Of course I know the real party dresses don't hit the shops until now, but it's always fun to look around and see what kind of style I want to go for this year. I'm looking for something that's really chique, but also a little bit tough. Rock & Romance is the theme I'm going for.  Oh, and something that is a little bit more in my price range, not like the dresses above. I do dream about them though..
Do you already have a dress?

Pictures net-a-porter.com


The Blues

Every morning my day starts with a beautiful bike ride trough this park. I don't pay much attention to the road, but more to the beautiful fog that surrounds me and floats above the water. It's such a beautiful sight.
Today I decided to take some pictures in this gorgeous setting, but I forgot that this setting brings extreme cold with it! I didn't want my coat to ruin all the pictures, so I had to take it off.
I did serious surviving for these pics ;)

Cardigan/H&M  Top/H&M
Short/Ebay  Boots/Fred de la Bretoniere



You might get the feeling that it's the same girl in most of the pictures. That's because it is. I currently have a huge girl crush on Clémence Poésy, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures. And some other inspiration pics as well.

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I don't mind, in fact I like it

This weekend I'm visiting my mom and little brother in my birth-town. The weather was actually really nice with the sun shining and the temperature at a nice level. It makes me love autumn more and more, I especially can't get enough of the changing colours.
How did you spend your saturday?

Blouse/H&M  Cardigan/My boyfriend's
Boots/Vintage  Bag/Mango

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Dear Santa....

I've been a really good girl this year.

Mulberry Giant Leopard haircalf Bayswater via My-Wardrobe



Black & White

I've always had a certain fascination for black & white pictures, so I decided to play a little with these pictures on photoshop and turned them into black & white. 

I also changed my header, as you may have noticed. I wasn't really pleased with the previous one and I think the new one's fresher and gives a good image what my blog is about.
What do you think?


Cocktail Night Out

Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday! He didn't really celebrate it, so I took him to this cute little cocktail bar NJoy. We've been there before and the cocktails are always delicious! My boyfriend always drinks caipirinha's and whenever I'm there I drink a Pornstar Martini. What a name, but the taste is sooo good! As you can see in the pictures it comes with half a passion fruit and a tiny glass champagne.
Saturday's the real celebration, so maybe I'll show you some more birthday pics if they're appropriate ;) 

Ps; I arranged a little firework with the first cocktail, but my camera was so slow the firework stopped when I took the picture!


This is life, we only get one chance


I absolutely love the colours of autumn, so this morning I woke up earlier to take some pictures in this gorgeous setting. 
It doesn't show in the picture that it was only 4 degrees, but I definitely felt it! But like the title says; This is life, and we only get chance. So why not wear your highest heels all day and take some pictures while it's freezing? 

Blazer/Zara  Tee/MyBrand
Shorts/H&M (old)  Shoes/H&M


Into the dark

It's been very difficult finding the time to take some outfit pictures now that it's getting dark at 5. Today me and my boyfriend went accessory shopping for this new 3D tv  my boyfriend desperately needed to have. By the time we got home, it was already getting dark so I'm sorry for the crappy pictures but at least you can see the outfit. 

Jacket/Zara  Shirt/H&M  Vest/H&M
Leggings/Supertrash  Boots/Alysa
Bag/Mango  Scarf and gloves/Solar


I ♡ Zara

Since I'm on a little shopping diet, this is not my new-buys list, but my wishlist. Half of my wishlist is sold out anyway so that makes it easy not to buy anything. The longer I look at the pictures, the more I want them though...


Lanvin for H&M favorites

Yes, the pictures are small and no, you can not see the details. But even these small pictures make me want to buy a sleeping bag and set up a camp in front of H&M until the 23th of November, so I won't miss a bit.