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Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately but I'm still not feeling better and I don't think anyone's interested in me wearing my pj's fashionably ;). 
Something did really cheered me up today, and that was a small package from H&M. I was waiting for these fabulous heels so long I already have a million outfits to match them with. The oversized tee is so comfy and looks gorgeous worn off shoulder with a nice pair of leather leggings.

Outfitpost soon to come!




I wanted to make some outfit pictures today, but since my outfit is my pj's because I have a terrible cold I thought it wasn't a good idea to even leave the house. Let alone post the outfit online. 
So instead of an outfit post I went trough my inspiration folder to inspire you the way I get inspired by seeing these pictures. 
These pictures all tell a different story about sadness, loneliness and darkness. I always find myself being more inspired by pictures that tell a sad story than by pictures that tell a happy story. 


Christopher Bailey, I love you, especially today

O my god. 

I just finished watching the Burberry Prorsum S/S2011 show and I am speechless. I wish I'd watched this live, but unfortunately I'm not one of the lucky few who did. Thanks to StyleScrapbook I got to see the show after all. And o my god, Christopher Bailey got me right at the edge of my seat wanting every single piece shown on that fabulous runway. 

I have to make a special savings account for this collection.


These shoes are made for walking

I can't tell you how much I'm in love with my new shoes! They complete every outfit and walk like heaven. I don't walk in heels very often, but I really want to wear these ones every single day!

Sorry for the lack of text today, but I'm pretty busy doing a cool project which I can't tell you... yet!!

Blazer/Kazo  Tee/Zara  
Skirt/Topshop  Shoes/Ebay


I'd like you to meet the new loves of my life. These 13 cm high beauties are growing on to me quickly and they're not willing to let go. And I don't mind that at all! 
I love everything about them; the color, the gold buckles, the platform, the leather....  I know they're actually summer shoes but with a nice pair of tights they can be worn all winter without my toes freezing off.



I thought last weekend was the last sunny day, but today the sun treated me with loving sunshine. I went outside whit my new favorite photographer (my little brother) and we made an overload of pictures.
I wore my new oversized vest which I'm so in love with, it's super comfy! It goes perfect with this 'I Love Coco' tee. I totally agree with the statement on it!
I think I'll be wearing them a lot!

Vest/Kazo  Tee/Maison Scotch
Legging/Supertrash  Booties/Minnetonka


For the love of shoes

With the rain pouring against my window, I find myself wandering over the internet looking for the next thing which I can not live without any longer! This time these lovely pieces above caught my attention. I don't even have a favorite, I want (read: need) them all!  



I just came back from the RAAK Fashion show and I must say; My fall-wishlist is 10 times bigger then it was before! Such lovely pieces. It was a mix of rock 'n roll, khaki knits and suede's and evening wear. They showed a lot of pieces I want to wear this fall, so I guess I have to take a day off from work to check all the lovely pieces out in the store!



I guess today was the last day to really enjoy the sun, and that's exactly what I did. It's always hard for me when the summer is coming to it's end to really say goodbye to bare legs, shorts, flip flops, sandals and all the other great things about summer. 
So, this was the perfect day to say goodbye to the summer, and hello to autumn! I hate goodbye's, but autumn brings me all the new collections and new must-haves for the season. If that isn't a good way to make up for it, what is?

Jeans Tunic/H&M  Booties/Minnetonka
Bag/Coco&Co  Scarf/Solar



Very often music defines how my look will be that day. At the moment when I took these pictures I was listening to The Temptations, I love old music and this kinda rockish/bohemian song makes me want to be a Rolling Stone! 

I know you already know this shirt and jeans, but I think it has a complete different vibe with the ends of the shirt knotted together and the short jacket. Normally I don't wear the same outfits so short after each other, and I certainly don't post them both to avoid boredom but I liked this one so much! 
So, this is also kind of and apology, hope you accept it and like the outfit as much as I do:)


What I was wearing today

Normally I show you what I am wearing, with myself wearing it at the same time. Today I had to do things different since I got sick and didn't want to wear anything else but my sweatpants. 
Today I met up with a friend of mine, who I haven't seen for ages! I went to Spain 3 weeks and after that she went to New York for 2 weeks (Jealous!). Of course we had a lot to catch up, so we did a little shopping and had a delicious sandwich. It was so delicious that I already ate half of it before I realized I had to make a picture of it to show you guys.
After that I felt sick (not because of the sandwich) so we decided to go home. Now I'm sitting on the couch in my sweatpants, which aren't picture worthy at all so I hope you are ok with my improvised outfit post.

Blazer/Turquoise By Daan  T-shirt/H&M  
Scarf worn as a skirt/Solar  Leggings/Supertrash
Belt/River Woods  Jewelry/Random


Lanvin loves H&M

I think I'm not the only one who's absolutely thrilled that Lanvin will be the next guest designer for H&M. I've always loved the concept and I'm really excited that they've picked a designer of my liking (uhmm.... loving actually!) again. 
The designs will be made by the fabulous Alber Elbaz, who didn't want to create a collection for the big public at first. But when he knew the ideas of H&M; creating a luxurious collection with limited items, he was sold. 
H&M tells that they are very excited about the collaboration and that the collection will be very recognizable as a Lanvin collection. 

I personally can not wait, but I have to count down the days until November 23th, because then the collection will be in stores. Can you wait?


If only..

As the winter's sneaking in, I'd like to get inspired by the most wonderful jackets. These five above are my absolute favorites, unfortunately I can't even afford one of them. But that's ok, a girl's got to have a dream, right?

So, if any of you is in the mood of giving an early christmas present... Feel free to contact me ;)