Karl is here

The moment when I received an email with the announcement that Karl -Kaiser Karl!- would design a special collection for net-a-porter I was over the moon. And that's an understatement. 
Karl is.. I cannot even begin to describe what Karl is in my eyes. He can do absolutely no wrong with me and with this collection he made it pretty clear he doesn't want me to start saving for my vacation.
No, he wants me to spend all my money and buy his entire collection!
What's not to love about this genius?

Now get your ass over to Net-a-Porter to see the collection!


Diary // My life in snapshots

The past few weeks went by so fast I didn't even realize it was almost 3 weeks since my last blogpost. I've been busy with, I don't know, everything.. 
So here's a little recap of the first half of January. You are looking at:

// A gorgeous orange sky in the morning, it's getting lighter everyday /yay!\
// My kitchen after I cleaned it
// Last saturday I had a movie day with my friend, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Prosecco and home made brownies!
// We also made a delicious lunch for ourselves
// And I made some scroppino's, we definitely had enough for one day lol!
// My boyfriend surprised me with a new dining table, I am in love with it!
// Sleeping in, thank god for weekends
// Pretty starfish I spotted at the beach
// My new glasses, I can now safely ride a car again
// Wish I could take this coat home, but unfortunately it was way too big (I tucked the excess fabric away behind my arms lol)


Happy New Year!

I know it's already January 5th, but better late then never right? My NYE was everything I wanted it to be; very good food, laughter, friends, champagne, dancing, a new year's kiss and... I took a dive in the ocean on January the 1st! It wasn't that cold, but I was so glad to be out that water and jump into a hot shower.
What did you do on nye?