Fashion Week


Me and Niki front row at Velour


Well, what can I say... Yesterday right after I posted my blogpost online, Niki got a message saying that we could go to the Velour show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Of course we where super excited!
Once we got there and got our tickets it came clear to us that we had front row tickets. Front row! 
The show itself was a little disappointing, most of the items were pretty basic and there was absolutely no 'wow factor'. So we decided we wanted to go to another show: Supertrash. We got ourselves in (don't ask me how, I was super nervous, trying to get in) and this show really exceeded all my expectations. The soundtrack was right, the models were gorgeous and the clothes..... well, let's just say that I wanted them all. 


If this is what we have, then what we have is gold

Kind of a picture overload today, but I finally had a decent paparazzi with me so I had to take advantage of it! 
When I woke up this morning the sun was lighting up the entire room, so I immediately wanted to wear my new faux leather Zara shorts. I first had a date with my hairdresser, it was really necessary and after that I met up with my friend aka the paparazzi Niki. It was really fun to see her again, she's still hanging on my couch chatting with my bf while the pizza is heating up in the oven. Perfect saturday night.

Blouse/H&M  Faux Leather shorts/Zara
Shoes/Alysa  Bag/Mango  



When I'm bored I always find myself cruising over the internet, trying to find the next great addition to my wardrobe. Some of the items above are on my long-term wishlist and some of them will be on my way pretty soon. 
While I'm drooling over these items, I do have to remind myself I'm on a shopping diet (sort of) because I want to go to New York in the summer. You can only spend your money once, unfortunately! 

Pictures/Nastygal, Asos, Rayban


Fashion Addicted

Last saturday I was attending the official opening party of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. I went with my friend Cosma, who's an expert in applying make-up (something I'm not really good at) so she did my make-up which I really liked!
We had a blast and after the party we had a good meal at Mc Donald's. I think there's no better way to and a perfect party night out, is there?

Dress/Warehouse  Studded Belt/Zara
Shoes/H&M  Ring/Asos

Edit; I found the last picture here on StyleToday



A back cleavage can be so incredibly sexy, but in a very distinguish kinda way. Yesterday I gave it a try and I must say, every time I walked past a mirror I had to check my back. I really like to give a surprising twist to an outfit, such as this.
Talking about outfits, I'm attending the official opening party (or so they say..) of the Amsterdam Fashion Week tonight but I still have absolutely no clue what to wear. The party starts in 5 hours so I better get my ass over to my closet and sort it out!
Are you doing anything fun this weekend? 

Blouse/Vila  ShortsS/Ebay


White perfection

I'm not really into white leather, but when I came across this Acne skirt I saw pure
perfection. It looks like it's super soft leather and I really like the braid-detail on the
Perfect for an all white outfit or with a sheer black blouse, like the model wears on
the first picture. The only downside on this pretty thing is it's price tag...

Skirt/Acne via net-a-porter.com



While it's pouring rain outside, I'm safe inside with a nice drink and delicious food. I find it very hard to take some good outfit photos while the weather is coming down like crazy so I stayed inside instead. 
I really like this minimal look, it doesn't need much and it's super comfortable! 

Pants/Mango  Top/Kazo
Shoes/Alysa  Ring/Asos


Current cravings..

Honestly, I can not wait for spring to start! I've had enough of rain, snow and not to mention the cold. I can see myself wearing the navy tank top with a short and those cute shoes. 
All I need to finish the look is a cool hat like Clemence is wearing, but I can't seem to find it anywhere! Can somebody tell me where to find a hat like that in that color or in navy?

Pictures Asos, Topshop


Into the woods

Here's my first attempt this week for outfit pictures (sorry for the bad quality, don't know what happened there). I've been sneezing and sniffling all week and it wasn't pretty. I avoided mirrors as much as possible, so that I didn't have to look at my red eyes and nose. I'm still all better, but I thought it was time to let you know I'm still alive ;). 
Oh, and in case you're wondering what thís food is all about, I was just having a small lunch with my mom after she took the pictures of me. 

Jacket/H&M  Top/Asos
Jeans/Circle of Trust  Shoes/Guess


New buys..

Here are some of my newly bought items. The dress was my actual NYE dress but arrived too late, unfortunately. But it seems like the perfect summer dress so you'll be seeing this one coming summer. Some of the other items you already saw, and some of them I'll show you later in outfit posts.

Jacket/H&M  Dress/Warehouse  
Belt/ASOS  Shoes/Guess