I love Sale

Between working during the day and getting work done in the new apartment I found 
myself some time to check the sales out. I had my eyes on a couple of these items for a 
while now, and now they're on sale I might get myself something. 
What is your favorite?


Journal // Twitpics

Some pictures never make it to my blog, they're made on various locations such as a restaurant, the 
new apartment and so on. I thought it would be fun to show you a little more of what I'm up to in my 
day to day life.

You're looking at;
Nikon D3100/The coolest birthday gift ever
Bracelets/To give life some color when it's raining
Homemade pizza/One of the first pictures taken with my Nikon
Latest issue of Glamour/That's the message!
The apartment/Still in the making ;)
Ice cream/Delicious dessert at restaurant Lieve


Pretty little basics

With this weather I just never know what to wear. It's the middle of June and all 
there is, is rain. It makes it impossible to wear all my summer clothes, but that's 
really all I want to wear right now. It's driving me crazy since the rain doesn't invite 
you to dress up. So I went for a super basic outfit, with pieces that I really like and 
always do the trick for me. Like this t-shirt, I bought it in Paris when I was there 
with my boyfriend so it always brings back nice memories every time I wear it. I 
like the fact that it's a plain t-shirt to anybody else, but that it gives me back some 
of my treasured memories.

Leather jacket/Zara  T-shirt/Zoe's Tee
Jeans/Circle of Trust  Scarf/Mango
Hat/Asos  Jewelry/Random


Wishlist//Maison Miau

A little birdie told me there's a new webshop in town. I wish that birdie came with 
a filled wallet for me, so that this wishlist was a 'new items' list. With the new apartment 
and the summer holiday coming up, there's not much left to spend on clothing for me
at the moment but hey.. there's always room to drool over some gorgeous items right?

Dress and tops/Maison Miau   
Sandals/Zara  Bra/Topshop



Me when I was about 6?

Today's my 23th birthday, but I'm still as excited as when I was 6. I celebrated it 
yesterday with some family and friends. I had a really good time, and on top of 
it all I got the camera I've been wanting for a year now. I couldn't be happier and 
as we speak my boyfriend is walking up to me with a strawberry-birthdaycake in 
bed, instead of breakfast in bed lol! 
You're only 23 once.


New new new

These are a few of my summer essentials. A crisp white short was on my wishlist 
for a very long time, and this one from the H&M conscious collection really suited 
my taste. I had it altered though since high-waist shorts aren't really my thing. 
Do you like my new items? I know I do ;)!

Hat/Asos  Dress/Forever21  Shorts/H&M
Arm cuff/Asos  Key bracelet/Asos
Turquoise bracelet/DIY



Can someone please help me find a lipstick like this one? Gorgeous!


Outfit//A splash of hot pink

Ever since I bought this Topshop Boutique top with low arm-holes I've been looking 
for a nice bandeau to wear underneath it. 
This hot pink one adds just the right amount of color into my outfit and I really like 
it! The boots are a little DIY project. I bought them in a cream color, but I since I was 
desperately on the hunt for some camel boots I decided to paint them. They turned out 
pretty cool and I can't wait to wear them with a cute summer dress.

ps; I know quality of the pictures is bad, but I wanted to show this outfit anyway.

Top/Topshop Boutique  Blazer/Zara
Bandeau/OBooi  Jeans/Massimo Dutti
Boots/Unknown  Bracelet/DIY