5 piece French wardrobe

I've read about the '5 piece French wardrobe' a long time ago, but never thought it would be something for me. I'm a I-want-it-and-I-want-it-now kinda girl, thinking and over thinking an item doesn't really sound like me.
But (with a capital B), me and my boyfriend are seriously looking for a new apartment so I thought this was the perfect time to take a closer look at my shopping behavior. I want to spend my money more thoughtful so I have more money to spend on the apartment.

Now let me explain the '5 piece French wardrobe'. It's basically about only buying 5 items per season, what those items are is up to you. To make the 5 piece principle work you also have to put together a good basics collection, which is also different for everybody. I put together a list of my 5 pieces and my basics.
I want to start next weekend with cleaning out my closet to get a good look at what I have and what I want to keep.

My list

5 pieces:
- Bright colored sundress
- Cream white short

- Black skinny jeans
- White or cream blazer
- Black leather jacket
- Good pair of sunglasses
- Black heeled ankle boots




Some of you may already know it, but I wanted to tell you about this pretty cool website Fashiolista. It makes it possible to share your style with other 'Fashiolista's', in a very easy and fun way. 
I just started with Fashiolista, but I'm already hooked! It's so easy to save the items I love, and also discover tons of new items trough other Fashiolista's. 
I added a widget at the side of my blog, so you can keep up with my current cravings and loves. 


New buy

When I first saw this dress, I immediately fell head over heels with it. I first ordered it in the grey melange color, but that one was sold out so I went for the crisp white version.
I'm already making tons of outfits with this dress in my head, so mailman; hurry up!

Dress/Style by Marina


Lazy sunday

I've been living in my shorts lately, I have a newfound love for them and every outfit that pops in my head comes with a short. 
Maybe that's because I can't wait for spring to start, when I finally can wear them barelegged and without a chunky knit cardigan to keep me warm.
Did you have a nice weekend?

Cardigan/Zara  Blouse/Zara
Shorts/Topshop  Boots/Vintage


Red shorts and all that jazz

You may recognize these red shorts from one of my recent wish lists. I've been wanting to wear them for a while now but wasn't quiet sure about how to combine them. This is how it turned out and to be honest I really like the combination of the red and blue, don't know if I'm totally satisfied with the shoes.  
But, I'm already thinking bare legs, nice summer blouse and a floppy hat; a combination you will see a lot this summer.

ps; I know my roof terrace isn't the most gorgeous setting, but with my schedule right now I have no other choice.

Shorts/Asos  Blouse/Zara
Scarf/Don't know the brand


Pop that color!

After such a cold, dark winter all I can think about is spring. I desperately need some bright colors in my wardrobe and these items would all fit perfectly. 
I can see myself wearing that bright pink dress with the blue high heels, maybe topping it off with that gorgeous necklace?

Dress/Zara  Skirt/Asos  Orange heels/Alexandre Birman
Blue heels/Zappos.com  Clutch/Topshop  
Necklace/Fenton  Ring/Topshop


Back on track

Sometimes I find myself craving for super comfi outfits, so I search my closet and found this cute dress I bought in Antwerp a couple years ago. I haven't worn it for such a long time, I totally forgot how comfortable this dress is! I can see myself wearing this on a lazy sunday with my uggs. Quite a nice lounge outfit, right?

Suede-ish dress/Coco&Co Cardigan/Coco&co
Boots/Vintage  Belt/H&M Men's department


Daily Jewelry

I thought it would be nice to show you my daily jewelry, since I wear pretty much the same every day. They all have a special meaning to me, because they're given by special people or just because the time I got them was very special. 
I always variate with different rings, like the three rings in the picture so that I won't get bored with my day to day jewelry look. 

Silver necklace/Tiffany&Co  Longer gold necklace/Custom made
Shorter gold necklace/Van Rycke  Brown leather bracelet/H&M
Grey leather bracelet/Gift  Turqoise bracelet/Asos
Turqoise stone ring/Gift from my mom  Silver ring/Swarovski
Watch/Guess Collection  Cross ring/Ebay
Armor ring/Asos  Gold/white ring/Asos


Inspiration, it's in the details

In each of these pictures there are one or more pretty details that give an outfit just that little extra. I love to stare at pictures with lots of detailing, discovering them one by one and finding them extremely inspirational.


What I was wearing..

Just wanted to show you what I was wearing at my one-evening Fashion Week. And yes, I'm wearing a new blouse. Can you believe I forgot to cut out the care label?? Lol, so stupid! 

Blouse/Zara  Shoes/Guess