For those who follow me on Twitter already knew I was working on a little DIY project. I've 
been wanting to make a simple maxi dress for a while now, and I finally found some time to buy 
fabric and get on with it. 
I have to give all the credits to my mom though, since she practically made the entire dress :). That's 
how we always 'work', I tell her what I want and she makes it lol. I do have my own sewing 
machine, but I still haven't found the time to figure it out so until I do, my mom helps me out! 

Dress/DIY  Belt/H&M Men  
Necklace/Tiffany&Co  Bracelets/DIY and H&M
Nailpolish/O.P.I. "What's with the cattitude" 


You've got the love

I've been on the hunt for a pair of pants like these from Mango for ages now and I finally 
found a pair that's the right fabric, long enough, and isn't to thick to wear during summer 
evenings. It's also the perfect color, this soft pink makes every outfit a little bit more 
romantic. The top I'm wearing is actually a dress from Forever21 that I bought a while ago, 
but I found that it's also very wearable as a top. 
Oh, and of course I couldn't leave my hat and neon nailpolish behind, the perfect combination 
if your ask me! 

Dress worn as a top/Forever21  Pants/Mango
Jacket/H&M (old)  Hat/Asos  Sandsals/River Woods (old)
Neon nailpolish/Dior