More food, I know! But yesterday was my mother's birthday so me and my sister and brother took her to The Hague for a little shopping trip and in the afternoon we had a high-tea in Scheveningen. It was such a nice day, and the perfect opporunity to buy some last items for new year's eve.

Cardigan/Zara  Tee/H&M 



This christmas was really all I could ever wish for. The food and drinks were delicious and looked gorgeous, my outfit came right on time and on top of all it was snowing during our christmas dinner.
We all made 3 dishes so we ended up with a 12 course dinner with every dish so good we had to take a picture to remember it. 
I'm still recovering from the huge amount of food and drinks that went trough my mouth I don't think I'm able to eat for a whole year, but I say that every year and the day after christmas I'm craving for food again so I'll be fine lol.




Call me an idiot for craving bikini's this time of the year, but look at these beauties! And what about a winter getaway to St. Barth's? I am planning on winning the new-years lottery so I might as well buy some bikini's in advance, right?

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The world in white

I can't really explain what went down here in Amsterdam yesterday. When I woke up everything was normal, I started my day as usual but then it started snowing. And it didn't stop. 
I never saw so much snow coming out of the air in Holland, as you can see in the last picture my 10 cm wedges are completely eaten up by the snow!
Because of all this I thought I would stay on the couch today, with hot coco and tons of movies but instead of that the sun decided to come out. I absolutely love it when everything's covered in snow ├índ the sun is shining, so I had to go out and explore everything all over again since everything's unrecognizable! 

Cardigan/H&M (I changed the buttons)   Vest/ASOS
Grey jeans/Massimo Dutti  Shoes/Alysa
Headband/ASOS  Necklace/Maison Scotch


Wedding dresses

One second after I heard the news about Kate and William, I was curious about the dress. I know I'm not the only one, almost every fashion minded person is dying to see the actual dress. So today I felt my heart making a little jump when I saw that 30 Different designers put their minds on paper about the wedding dress. These 10 are my fav's. I still haven't picked my number one, but I must say that I'm in love with the beautiful sketch of Valentino.



Just a quick post to show you my new booties. I've become to realize that I'm a true fan of the natural-colour-trend-thing that's going on. And since it's way too cold to even take my hat of outside, I had to take some pictures inside. I have to admit; it's oh so nice not to freeze while taking pictures.

Booties/Alysa  Blouse/H&M
Belt/H&M Men  Jewelry/Random


Mario Testino - Rio de Janeiro

Every time I came across this book, I had to look into it. The cover is pure magic and made me flip trough the pages time after time. Last friday I got it as a present from my mom and to tell you the truth, I'm looking at it every day. 



With a skin as white as the snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony wood. Well, ok, my hair isn't black at all but I do like the red lips with the white snow and my white skin. 
While I'm typing this it started to snow again, and I'm already dreaming of a white christmas. 
It's never to early to think about christmas, is it?

Tee/Zara  Shorts/Ebay
Belt/Zara  Boots/Alysa


Winter Wonderland

Winter really kicked in here in Amsterdam, my god it's so cold! People are slipping (including me). I already slipped twice with my bike, and with these heels it's also very unsafe to walk. But I'm still in big denial summer's really over and doesn't come back for another 6 months.

ps; I did found myself this perfect heavy knit cardigan (finally), hopefully this will keep me warm!

Cardigan/Zara  Tee/Zara
Leather look Trouser/No brand 


Rock & Romance

I've been searching for a new year's eve dress since the temperatures went below 20 degrees. Of course I know the real party dresses don't hit the shops until now, but it's always fun to look around and see what kind of style I want to go for this year. I'm looking for something that's really chique, but also a little bit tough. Rock & Romance is the theme I'm going for.  Oh, and something that is a little bit more in my price range, not like the dresses above. I do dream about them though..
Do you already have a dress?

Pictures net-a-porter.com


The Blues

Every morning my day starts with a beautiful bike ride trough this park. I don't pay much attention to the road, but more to the beautiful fog that surrounds me and floats above the water. It's such a beautiful sight.
Today I decided to take some pictures in this gorgeous setting, but I forgot that this setting brings extreme cold with it! I didn't want my coat to ruin all the pictures, so I had to take it off.
I did serious surviving for these pics ;)

Cardigan/H&M  Top/H&M
Short/Ebay  Boots/Fred de la Bretoniere