Diary // My life in snapshots

Here's another week in snapshots. Looking at it I think I'm a little too addicted to this new photo editing app on my Blackberry lol!
You are looking at:

//Delicious lobster salade (my favorite) at NAP
//My new door mat, which makes me smile every time I look at it
//Birthday champagne for my boyfriend
//The 3 heels I chose at the Nelly High Heel party
//Pinked the tips of my hair :) I'll tell you more about this later!


Crazy cool necklace

When my eye caught this necklace, my head immediately started making combinations with it. Lucky for me (and you) this necklace is only € 8,90!

Necklace // Forever21


Diary // My life in snapshots

I thought it might be fun to add a diary to my blog every now and then. This weeks diary may not be the most exciting thing you've ever seen, but hey.. I'm just getting started.
So what are you looking at;
// Amsterdam while it's sunny and 18 degrees in November
// I stopped biting my nails, so a proud show-off picture 
// The coolest bike ever, completely shiny gold and costs €4000,- (which is actually not cool)
// Work work work, but with coffee from our new coffee machine mmm
// My new and favorite boots
// Christmas lights in the streets of Amsterdam, I love it!


All things metallic

Some trends that come along, aren't my cup of tea right away. The same with the metallic trend. When I saw the first metallic items I never could imagine myself wearing any of it. Until I got my Zara scarf. All of the sudden I started looking for metallic items everywhere and lucky for me the trend is still here this winter. Like it waited for me to come around. 
All I want to do know, is find the perfect metallic knit, like the sweater above from Rag & Bone. It's just pure love.
What do you think of the metallic trend?

Dress // Zara
Jeans // Zara
Sweater // Rag & Bone
Shopper // Marc by Marc Jacobs
High Heels // Pour la Victoire
Top // Topshop