There is an Elephant on my leg

One thing I love about H&M is their accessories department. They always have the perfect item to complete your outfit. I know they aren't unique, but if you pick the right items you won't see everybody wearing them. When I came across this Elephant necklace it was love at first sight. I got so much compliments today while wearing it! (My colleague called me LL Cool J all day though but ok.....LOL) I combined it with my favorite stripe tunic which always brings me in a good mood!
I think my new olivetree goes perfectly with the mood!
olive tree

Tunic/Kazo Scarf/H&M Booties/H&M
Necklace/H&M Bracelets/Turquoise By Daan


Farmer Chique

I am in LOVE with the farm-girl look since the Spring 2010 catwalk show of Chanel, who isn't actually?? Karl always nows how to surprise me, with his shows, his talent, his tweets (They are so inspiring). The Farm-girl look really stayed in my mind and now the wether finally gets better, after snow in April and that kind of nonsense, I can wear the look perfectly myself. After all, a nice farm-girl looks great in the sun! I put together my favorite looks, I'd like to call it farmer chique.

Photos from Polyvore.com

Alexa Chung

Soon I will show you an outfit photo of my own Farmer Chique look.. I promise!


Let's have Breakfast at Tiffany's

My all time favorite movie is definitely Breakfast at Tiffany's. The outfits, the romance, Tiffany&Co, everything for a successful movie. I can watch this movie every day, if only my boyfriend would let me. And it's obvious that if I'd watch it everyday, I wouldn't come out of my apartment..., ever.

I actually found the earplugs Holly has in her ears while sleeping. I've always loved them, and they can be mine (or yours!) for only $5,99! What a bargain! ( They are sold at http://earplugs.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=812517# )

I do save the best for last. What's not to love about this amazing couch/bath? It is what I've always wanted, but never knew I did. Until I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's.


Mickey says ' Hello!'

Today was a beautiful sunny day, unfortunately I had to work inside all day. Luckily I have a roof terrace since a year, it is so nice to sit outside in the middle of the city. My boyfriend made the whole thing and as you can imagine I am so grateful for that!
It is perfect to sit in the sun after a working day, with a nice glass of wine and some friends. It was also a perfect opportunity to show my Mickey Mouse tee, I am so in love with it! It goes great with almost everything, but I like it the most with a jeans and a blazer.

Blazer/Kazo Top/Disney Couture Jeans/Circle of Trust
Sunglasses/the market Necklace/Tiffany & Co Watch/Guess Collection


I look inside myself, and see my heart is black

Normally, I don't like talent shows like the Xfactor, or Idols or any of that type. But then I came across Sumera, a contestant of Xfactor 2010. She sang one of my favorites songs; Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones.
I think she did a GREAT job. I love how the sound of a women's voice can change the song. I absolutely love it!


J'adore le Make up

I LOVE clothes, but sometimes I just can't find anything my liking. When that happens, I mostly find my comfort in Make up. A great lipstick or nail polish really brightens up my mood.
Last friday I went to De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, it is open until 9, all the other stores close at 6. I have to work everyday until 6, so it was my only option. I wandered for a whole hour, but couldn't find anything.. I almost gave up but then I came across the Yves Saint Laurent make-up stand. The salesman helped me out and pointed out a beautiful lipstick, an even better nail polish and a beautiful powder.
I can't explain it, so of course I made some pictures to show you! Enjoy!

All the make up is from Yves Saint Laurent s/s2010


Where the wild things are..

I am a little bit addicted to the Ellegirl Forum. I get so much inspiration there, and it's nice to just sit behind my Macbook and watch photos of celebrities and Ellegirls who show their outfits.
Today I have a day of from work, so it's a perfect time to do so. I cam across a picture of Taylor Momsen, talk about a change! She first started out as an all american sweetheart and look at her now!
I personally love her new style, although she can get a little overboard sometimes. But, when I came across this picture I immediately fell in love with her outfit. It's simple, but it works! And I must say, so does the black make-up.
What do you think?


When the boy goes away...

My (lovely) boyfriend went with some friends 5 days to New York. Without me. Of course when I first heard it I was a little heartbroken, but I pushed him to go.
And I'm thankful for my actions! Today he came back and he brought me the most wonderful gift I could imagine.. A key neckless from Tiffany's and Co!
It is my lifelong dream to own something of the greatest jewelry brand in the world. Now I own one!
He also gave me this cool mousepad, a plugin for my Macbook so I can watch Gossip Girl on my tv instead on a small screen.


Welcome to the Blonde side of life.

I think this is really my first serious, official blog. I thought that ' The Blonde Side of Life" is a pretty good name, since I am a (natural) blond myself. So that way I only get to experience my life the Blonde Side.

I am planning to write just about everything on this Blog. I mean, everything I'm interested in. And that is; photography, fashion, food, traveling, lovely homes, movies, celebrities.. Well, you're going to read about almost everything lol.

To make it personal immediately, here is a picture of me:

Tunic Braez