In preparation for NYE

The big search for my new year's eve dress mostly starts around mid october. I am then still fully convinced I'll find the dress month's before NYE. But the reality is quite different. Every year I find myself 2 days before NYE waiting for the postman to arrive and release me from the stress of my dress arriving on time. 
Last year it went wrong and my dress arrived around the 6th of January. My shoes, belt and jewelry all arrived on December 31. So you can imagine I had to improvise really good last minute.
But I have to admit to myself I did pretty good this year. My dress arrived yesterday, although that was the last opportunity since I am leaving for a short new year's holiday in Belgium today. But, no worries, I've got everything covered and when you do everything at the last minute, you really become quite good at it.

ps; the dress I got is one of the pretty dresses above, can you guess which one?

Left to right; Holy Tee (€252) Aqua (€181) ModCloth (€45,-)
Zara (€29,95) Mikael Aghal (€219) Tibi (€231)


Merry Christmas!

Last year's Christmas

I cannot believe tonight is Christmas eve. I still feel like it's October and winter is about to start. I think it's because of the weather, last year it was freezing cold and snowing like crazy and today it's 10 degrees and the sun in shining. 
But fact is, tomorrow I'll be unpacking and giving presents, cooking and eating /a lot\ with family and friends. Just the way I like my christmas days to be. 
Now I'm off for some last minute present shopping, Merry Christmas!


Kevin Murphy give away winner!

Thank you all for joining my first /and hopefully not my last\ Give Away! I couldn't choose for myself, so I asked for a little help from the Random Number Generator.
The winner is already informed, and hopefully really happy.
For those who didn't win; I'm sorry but there will be a new Give Away soon!


Beautiful bookstore // Mendo

Last saturday I spent the day shopping with my mom and little brother and we came across this amazing bookstore I just had to share. Luckily I brought my camera and was allowed to take some pictures. 
Mendo is quite a paradise where you can spend hours going trough the most amazing books. From fashion to royalty, they have it all. 

If you're ever in Amsterdam, this really is a must-visit!

Mendo (their website is worth a visit as well!)
Berenstraat 11


GIVE AWAY // Kevin Murphy Color.Bug

Remember the picture I posted a week ago with the tips of my hair pink? Of course I didn't really dye the tips, I did it with the Color Bugs of Kevin Murphy.
It's sort of an eyeshadow (but hair shadow I guess lol) for your hair! It's so cool, you can color the tips of your hair for one day, one evening, whatever you want!
I'm not just telling you about this cool Bug, I'm giving away a complete Color Bug set with purple, pink and orange!
To see how it works; Girlscene put together a short clip to show you exactly how.

What do you need to do to enter this give away?

- Follow me on Google friend connect and/or Twitter
- Leave a comment with your email address below

That's it!
The winner will be announced on December 20th :)


The ultimate Grazianista

Dutch magazine Grazia put together a challenge for every girl who wants to become a Grazia Insider. All you had to do was to put together the ultimate Grazianista. Above you see my ultimate Grazianista, what do you think? Would you like the girl?


Hot spot // oBooi! lingerie store

"Two men start a lingerie store"with two naked men behind a cardboard, who says no to that?? When I was invited to visit the oBooi! store, I definitely didn't say no.
When you enter the store your attention doesn't go to the two naked men in the back, but to the pretty lingerie that's hanging everywhere in the store. It's displayed like candy with mannequins hanging from the ceiling and colorful panties from Cosabella rolled up together in a bowl, like actual candy.
It's Cosabella that draws my attention every time I visit the store, it's a fun collection with pretty colors and cute bandeau's, which I showed you already here.
If you don't live nearby Eindhoven, don't worry; they also have a Shop Online.

Of course I didn't go home empty handed, that is in fact impossible when you enter this store. But some things are better kept for myself :).


Diary // My life in snapshots

Here's another week in snapshots. Looking at it I think I'm a little too addicted to this new photo editing app on my Blackberry lol!
You are looking at:

//Delicious lobster salade (my favorite) at NAP
//My new door mat, which makes me smile every time I look at it
//Birthday champagne for my boyfriend
//The 3 heels I chose at the Nelly High Heel party
//Pinked the tips of my hair :) I'll tell you more about this later!


Crazy cool necklace

When my eye caught this necklace, my head immediately started making combinations with it. Lucky for me (and you) this necklace is only € 8,90!

Necklace // Forever21


Diary // My life in snapshots

I thought it might be fun to add a diary to my blog every now and then. This weeks diary may not be the most exciting thing you've ever seen, but hey.. I'm just getting started.
So what are you looking at;
// Amsterdam while it's sunny and 18 degrees in November
// I stopped biting my nails, so a proud show-off picture 
// The coolest bike ever, completely shiny gold and costs €4000,- (which is actually not cool)
// Work work work, but with coffee from our new coffee machine mmm
// My new and favorite boots
// Christmas lights in the streets of Amsterdam, I love it!


All things metallic

Some trends that come along, aren't my cup of tea right away. The same with the metallic trend. When I saw the first metallic items I never could imagine myself wearing any of it. Until I got my Zara scarf. All of the sudden I started looking for metallic items everywhere and lucky for me the trend is still here this winter. Like it waited for me to come around. 
All I want to do know, is find the perfect metallic knit, like the sweater above from Rag & Bone. It's just pure love.
What do you think of the metallic trend?

Dress // Zara
Jeans // Zara
Sweater // Rag & Bone
Shopper // Marc by Marc Jacobs
High Heels // Pour la Victoire
Top // Topshop


Current cravings

I haven't been shopping lately, but winter's coming so I'd better buy myself some items to prepare myself for winter. I found this cute bracelet on ShopBelina, isn't it pretty? I wish I could out everything they have in their shop in my basket, but hey... my apartment has to be decorated.
The boots on the other hand, are already on their way to me as we speak. I have to keep my feet warm, right ;)

Bracelet // ShopBelina
Suede-ish leggings // Forever21
Striped jumper // Forever21 
Leather & Wool gloves // Asos
Boots // Jones


Fashion friday!

From now on, I'll be writing a weekly column on FashionsBlogs. It's called Fashion Friday with The Blonde Side of Life. How fun is that?
Here's the link to my first column, enjoy!


Interior inspiration

This summer my boyfriend and I moved in to our new apartment, as some of you may know. It’s actually the first time I get to do the decorating from scratch. It’s really fun of course, but also really hard.
I mean, with clothes you can pick a new outfit everyday but with decorating you have to pick things that will last a lot longer than one day. 
  Here are some of the pictures from my inspiration folder that I collected over the years.
What’s your decorating style?


Fashion Week recap

You can see every inch of Fashion Week on pretty much every website, and since I wasn’t there myself I can’t provide you with personal pictures. Still I’d love to show you some of my favourites.
I mean, who ever gets enough of fashion hotness Marc Jacobs or genius Karl Lagerfeld?  Whenever I see a picture of one of those two, I almost automatically go to ‘save  as’. I’m also planning to put some black and white life-size pictures of them in my house. Ok… maybe not life-size, but still pretty big! Don’t know if my boyfriend will agree with that, but we’ll see about that later;).
Well, enjoy my personal Fashion Week favourites. Feel free to “save as” as much as you like!

You are looking at:
Karl Lagerfeld at the end of the Chanel S2012 RTW show
Sequin pants to die for at Antonio Berardi
Magic making backstage at Alexander McQueen
Gorgeous eyes at Band of Outsiders
Funny men on a dress at Akris
Pearls backstage at Chanel
Gorgeous hairpiece at Yves Saint Laurent
Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton