After months and months of absence, I wanted to make a fresh start. That start is my new blog:
Hopefully I will see you there, enjoying every post as you did here at The Blonde Side of Life.

See you there!


Diary 11/04/2012

I've been so incredibly busy lately that I haven't been able to update my blog. To be honest, I wasn't even thinking about it. It's so nice to be able to do what you love and get home after work being all excited of what's going on and what's yet still to come.
I still like to update every now and then, so here's another diary post!
You are looking at;

// My new flower print jeans that I scored on a sample sale (I am in love)
// My fluor-aztek-print easter egg
// Fooling arount with my little brother
// New tee and necklace (I am in love, again
// Beautiful sunny Amsterdam in the morning
// My two favorite items together > Flowerprint jeans + vintage Moschino belt
// My boyfriend in a dutch newspaper (I am very proud!)


I need you in my closet

Right now.

Maxidress//Freepeople  Belt//Asos
Heels//Zara  Shorts//Sass&Bide  Bracelets//Asos
The perfect tshirt dress//T by Alexander Wang


H&M Conscious Collection

This morning I received an email from H&M with these breathtaking babies. I want to own each and everyone of the dresses, I can imagine myself strolling around the city in this green backless dress with an ice-cream in one hand and my boyfriend in my other hand. Ok, that sounds super corny but I don't care, it's just the way I like it ;)
Which is your favorite piece?

All Images // H&M


Kony 2012

Maybe you've seen this clip already and if not, I highly recommend you take a 30 minute break of whatever you are doing to watch it. 

This isn't the kind of thing you would normally see on a fashion blog, but when I saw this clip I couldn't do nothing. I know there are some critics out there about the Invisible Children group, but fact is, before seeing this clip I had no idea who Joseph Kony was and what he does.
Just watch the clip and make Kony famous!


Shop my closet

Today I sorted out a tiny bit of my closet which resulted in a new 'blog'; The Blonde Side of Life Sells!
My online closet will be updated from time to time, so keep checking in to make sure you don't miss out on great items like this.

Dutchies can also go here


DIY - Bleached ombre shorts

I've been drooling over honestlywtf's DIY for months now and I finally found the time to do a DIY myself. 
I really loved this one, but I decided to do it a little different. I had an old jeans in the back of my closet that would be perfect for my project. My plan: Turn the jeans into shorts, bleach and them ombre dye them. 

What do you need:
//Latex gloves
//Liquid dye
//Old jeans
//Color remover

First decide how long you want the shorts to be, then start 'slicing' the fabric with your scissors. This will give you the cut-off look you want. 

After you cut your shorts to the right length (try them on to make sure) it's time to use the color remover. Read the instructions carefully, I had to pour hot water into a pan and add my shorts. After that I had to heat the water until it's almost at boiling point and keep the shorts in for 30 minutes.
When this is done, make sure you wash the shorts in the washing machine to make sure all the color remover is out.

This part is actually the same as the HonestlyWTF DIY. I had to use 6L water and 250gr salt and 50ml water for the dye. Add the two mixtures together and let the fun begin!
First add 1/3 of the dye to the water for the largest (and lightest) part of the short. Keep your short in the mixture for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes clean the shorts with water and add another 1/3 dye to the water. Repeat the process but keep your shorts in the mixture for 5 minutes now. For the last and darkest layer repeat the previous step with the last 1/3 of dye.
After you did all this, wash the shorts again. Leave them to dry and you are good to go!

Shorts are still wet here, but I needed to take a picture :)

Important; When dipping your short into the dye, keep a sort of 'dipping' movement going or else you'll get a straight line instead of a fading on. You can see it at picture 4. I had to buy new dye and repeat step 2 and 3 to make it work. 


Home - It's all in the details

As some of you may know, me and my boyfriend bought an apartment together last summer. It is actually a big milestone, my first house! I thought it would be nice to share some details, the last time I showed picture the house looked like this. Can you believe the difference?
We worked so hard on this apartment to make it our dream home and it is not even close to being finished, but there are already spots in the apartment that I really really love. 

You are looking at:
//My favorite shelf in the kitchen
//Dining table
//Light in a jar
//Personal books and frame 


Inspiration // Spring essentials

While surfing the net my eyes get automatically drawn to all what's printed and multi-colored. The sun is shining more often and temperatures are slowly going up, which means Spring is on its way! 
This is my wish list, for now. I'm sure as new items arriving each week, this list will change from time to time. But this is a pretty solid lists, the items are all spring proof and will hopefully make their way into my wardrobe somehow.

Corset//Asos  Scarf//Mango Outlet  Shorts//Free People
Pants//Maison Scotch  Necklace//Mango  Jacket//Maison Scotch
Hat//Topshop  Skirt//Zara  Boots//ASOS  Bracelet//Shop Belina  


Amsterdam on ice

The ice and snow is long gone by now, but I couldn't resist sharing these pictures. It's been about 12 years ago since the canals in Amsterdam where solid ice and you could iceskate on them, which makes it extra special.
It is also really weird to stand on crisp white canals and see Amsterdam from a different angle. It was that one moment of standing on the ice that I started loving ice and snow on a whole different level.


Karl is here

The moment when I received an email with the announcement that Karl -Kaiser Karl!- would design a special collection for net-a-porter I was over the moon. And that's an understatement. 
Karl is.. I cannot even begin to describe what Karl is in my eyes. He can do absolutely no wrong with me and with this collection he made it pretty clear he doesn't want me to start saving for my vacation.
No, he wants me to spend all my money and buy his entire collection!
What's not to love about this genius?

Now get your ass over to Net-a-Porter to see the collection!


Diary // My life in snapshots

The past few weeks went by so fast I didn't even realize it was almost 3 weeks since my last blogpost. I've been busy with, I don't know, everything.. 
So here's a little recap of the first half of January. You are looking at:

// A gorgeous orange sky in the morning, it's getting lighter everyday /yay!\
// My kitchen after I cleaned it
// Last saturday I had a movie day with my friend, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Prosecco and home made brownies!
// We also made a delicious lunch for ourselves
// And I made some scroppino's, we definitely had enough for one day lol!
// My boyfriend surprised me with a new dining table, I am in love with it!
// Sleeping in, thank god for weekends
// Pretty starfish I spotted at the beach
// My new glasses, I can now safely ride a car again
// Wish I could take this coat home, but unfortunately it was way too big (I tucked the excess fabric away behind my arms lol)


Happy New Year!

I know it's already January 5th, but better late then never right? My NYE was everything I wanted it to be; very good food, laughter, friends, champagne, dancing, a new year's kiss and... I took a dive in the ocean on January the 1st! It wasn't that cold, but I was so glad to be out that water and jump into a hot shower.
What did you do on nye?