Current cravings

I haven't been shopping lately, but winter's coming so I'd better buy myself some items to prepare myself for winter. I found this cute bracelet on ShopBelina, isn't it pretty? I wish I could out everything they have in their shop in my basket, but hey... my apartment has to be decorated.
The boots on the other hand, are already on their way to me as we speak. I have to keep my feet warm, right ;)

Bracelet // ShopBelina
Suede-ish leggings // Forever21
Striped jumper // Forever21 
Leather & Wool gloves // Asos
Boots // Jones


Fashion friday!

From now on, I'll be writing a weekly column on FashionsBlogs. It's called Fashion Friday with The Blonde Side of Life. How fun is that?
Here's the link to my first column, enjoy!


Interior inspiration

This summer my boyfriend and I moved in to our new apartment, as some of you may know. It’s actually the first time I get to do the decorating from scratch. It’s really fun of course, but also really hard.
I mean, with clothes you can pick a new outfit everyday but with decorating you have to pick things that will last a lot longer than one day. 
  Here are some of the pictures from my inspiration folder that I collected over the years.
What’s your decorating style?


Fashion Week recap

You can see every inch of Fashion Week on pretty much every website, and since I wasn’t there myself I can’t provide you with personal pictures. Still I’d love to show you some of my favourites.
I mean, who ever gets enough of fashion hotness Marc Jacobs or genius Karl Lagerfeld?  Whenever I see a picture of one of those two, I almost automatically go to ‘save  as’. I’m also planning to put some black and white life-size pictures of them in my house. Ok… maybe not life-size, but still pretty big! Don’t know if my boyfriend will agree with that, but we’ll see about that later;).
Well, enjoy my personal Fashion Week favourites. Feel free to “save as” as much as you like!

You are looking at:
Karl Lagerfeld at the end of the Chanel S2012 RTW show
Sequin pants to die for at Antonio Berardi
Magic making backstage at Alexander McQueen
Gorgeous eyes at Band of Outsiders
Funny men on a dress at Akris
Pearls backstage at Chanel
Gorgeous hairpiece at Yves Saint Laurent
Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton


The Blonde Side of Life 2 .0

So, after being gone for what, like 3 months, I am now back!
In between moving, working on the new apartment, a new job and vacation I realized I was too busy for my blog. To be honest, I wasn’t too busy, but I just didn’t see it as a priority anymore, I didn’t enjoy working on my blog anymore. The fact that I don’t have a regular photographer also helped with that.
Let me put it this way; the self-timer on my camera wasn’t my best friend anymore. I knew I had to focus on other things and when time would pass by, I was going to miss writing on my blog eventually.
And that happened indeed. I started to miss my blog, but what I didn’t miss was trying to come up with impossible ways to put my outfit on camera. Like stopping in the middle of a park to put my camera on the back of my bike on self-timer. Hello… insane!  That’s when I decided to take TheBlondeSideofLife to a whole different level. It’s not going to be just about fashion anymore. From now on you’re going to read about practically anything. I mean, when are 140 signs on Twitter ever enough to say everything you want to say?

Ps; Oh, and one more thing. Please don’t start to panic when I haven’t wrote a blog for 4 days, I promise I won’t stay away as long as I did now ;)!

Ps 2: What do you think about the new lay-out?