Quite a simple outfit today, but sometimes all I need are some great basics and I'm good to go. Today was of course all about the Royal Wedding, and oh my.. Kate (or should I say Duchess Catherine?) looked absolutely breathtaking. 
There's always something magical about a royal wedding; the dress, the commotion and of course the kiss. It takes me back in time, to where I was a little girl dreaming about becoming a princess when I grew up. Do you think Kate had the same dream when she was just a little girl?

Tee/Zara  Jeans/Massimo Dutti


Summer Haze

Just a few pictures to show you the summer vibe last weekend had going on. Flowers 
in full bloom, strawberry flavored lemonade with lemon, bare feet in fresh mowed 
grass and finally starting to get my tan back (in baby steps).


I'll see you when I get there

A quick outfitpost before I'm going on the hunt for some hand-painted easter 
eggs. I'm loving my days off, and making the most of it. Spending time with 
friends, family, delicious dinners and wine's; I'm all up for it. Can't wait for 
my summer holiday to start so I can take full advantage of days like these.

Blouse/Supertrash  Shorts/Zara
Boots/H&M  Ring/Topshop
Nailpolish/Chanel-Rose Confidential


Filippa K//10 Year anniversary

Between cocktails and sunbathing there was the 10 year anniversary of 
Filippa K. I've always loved this brand and it wasn't hard to get me out 
of the sun to drool over some of the gorgeous items they had in the store. 
It was really hot though yesterday so after a glass of champagne, a 
golden-glitter macaroon and a new wishlist in my head I went straight back 
to spend the last hours of the day in the sun. 




First of all, I'm sorry for neglecting my blog all week but I've got a damn good 
explanation. I mean; look outside! I don't know how the weather is wherever 
you live, but here in Amsterdam the sun definitely came out to play.
To make it up I'll leave you with some pictures of my new favorite Tumblr  
House of Nadee. She ads the most amazing pictures and my 'Save image'
button makes over hours whenever I'm checking for pictures.
Have a nice weekend!

All pictures from House of Nadee


Weekend diary

I had the most relaxing weekend ever. On saturday I went to a sauna beauty resort 
with a friend, so I kept in relaxing-mode all sunday. My mom and brother came to 
Amsterdam so I made them lunch, it was so delicious! I think we sat on the roof 
terrace for 2,5 hours eating and drinking. 
On days like these I want weekend to last forever, unfortunately work is calling on 
monday and I'm not lying when I say I had a really hard time getting out of bed this 
Did you do anything fun this weekend?

ps; How do you like the vintage Ray Ban on my nose? I got it from my boyfriend's 
      dad, I absolutely love it!!



The first time I saw this amazing nailpolish I fell head over heels in love 
with it, and now I own it I don't want to get it off my nails. 
I have the same with my chunky stone ring, it's so cool and goes perfect 
with almost everything. Some items, no matter what the price was, can 
make my day. How good is that feeling when you find something, like 
this ring, and when you look at the price tag you see that it's only 3,99!

I have another question. My sister just got an internship in New York 
for 3 months, from June till August, and she's looking for a place to stay. 
So if you know anyone in New York that want's to rent her/his room 
over the summer please let me know!

Blouse/Zara  Red Jeans/We  Belt/Zara
Shoes/Zara  Ring/Forever21


Press day//So PR

I just got back from the So PR Press Day, what a treat was that! When I came out the elevator girls on roller-skates were making cotton candy and I had to walk trough a hall filled with balloons to enter the showroom. They really tried their best to make it a paradise for women who secretly still love things like that. 
These pictures above show my favorites, I'm obsessed with Twenty8Twelve's autumn/winter collection and I have to have on of those books. Or what about that yellow/grey dress? I can go on like this for hours, So PR is my new favorite candy shop from now on ;).


Press day//Patrizia Pepe

When I received an invitation for the Patrizia Pepe press day I was pretty 
excited. I love the Patrizia Pepe and I couldn't wait to check out the new 
autumn/winter 2012 collection. I wasn't really allowed to take pictures, 
but since I really wanted to show my favorites on my blog I was allowed 
to take some detailed shots. 
These are the ones I loved the most. They used gorgeous materials and 
exactly the colors I like. Summer didn't even start yet, but Patrizia Pepe 
got me craving for some hot winter items already!