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A double-finger-cross-ring was pretty long on my wishlist and after searching the internet for months and months I finally I'm able to wear this beauty on my fingers. I must admit, I had to get used to the feeling of my fingers sticking together, but it's worth it.
I'm also really happy with my new Mango bag. It's not very useful since only my wallet, keys and some lipsticks fit in, but it's so pretty I'll have to deal with that.
I will show you some outfit posts soon! (Also with the 'mysterious' leather jacket)


  1. Hele mooie tas!
    Mag ik vragen hoe duur hij was?

    Liefs, Samm
    @ www.afterstylecomesfashion.blogspot.com

  2. Erg gave tas! Vind hem nog mooier dan de Zara variant

  3. i want that cross ring!! ;) where did you get it online babe?
    the mango bag is soo pretty too.

    great buys!!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  4. Toevoeging aan je tekst:
    mede mogelijk gemaakt door: Niki Schellens

  5. love the ring!!!! so cool

  6. Hi! You have a really nice blog and a great sense of style! New follower, I hope you'll follow me back! Kiss


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