Journal // Twitpics

Some pictures never make it to my blog, they're made on various locations such as a restaurant, the 
new apartment and so on. I thought it would be fun to show you a little more of what I'm up to in my 
day to day life.

You're looking at;
Nikon D3100/The coolest birthday gift ever
Bracelets/To give life some color when it's raining
Homemade pizza/One of the first pictures taken with my Nikon
Latest issue of Glamour/That's the message!
The apartment/Still in the making ;)
Ice cream/Delicious dessert at restaurant Lieve


  1. Ik wil ook die Nikon :D x


  2. Pizza ziet er super lekker uit!!!!! Hoe heb je de topping gemaakt haha? xxxx anne


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