Diary // My life in snapshots

The past few weeks went by so fast I didn't even realize it was almost 3 weeks since my last blogpost. I've been busy with, I don't know, everything.. 
So here's a little recap of the first half of January. You are looking at:

// A gorgeous orange sky in the morning, it's getting lighter everyday /yay!\
// My kitchen after I cleaned it
// Last saturday I had a movie day with my friend, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Prosecco and home made brownies!
// We also made a delicious lunch for ourselves
// And I made some scroppino's, we definitely had enough for one day lol!
// My boyfriend surprised me with a new dining table, I am in love with it!
// Sleeping in, thank god for weekends
// Pretty starfish I spotted at the beach
// My new glasses, I can now safely ride a car again
// Wish I could take this coat home, but unfortunately it was way too big (I tucked the excess fabric away behind my arms lol)

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