This christmas was really all I could ever wish for. The food and drinks were delicious and looked gorgeous, my outfit came right on time and on top of all it was snowing during our christmas dinner.
We all made 3 dishes so we ended up with a 12 course dinner with every dish so good we had to take a picture to remember it. 
I'm still recovering from the huge amount of food and drinks that went trough my mouth I don't think I'm able to eat for a whole year, but I say that every year and the day after christmas I'm craving for food again so I'll be fine lol.


  1. Je ziet er heel mooi uit! En wat heerlijk al dat eten, leuke 'speciale' gerechtjes ook!!

  2. Aah dat eten ziet er lekker uit! En wat zie je er zelf mooi uit <3 Wat heb jij een perfect lichaam zeg!

  3. Lekker hoor, al dat eten!!
    En mooie outfit :)

  4. Super leuk outfit! en al dat eten jammm!!


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