The world in white

I can't really explain what went down here in Amsterdam yesterday. When I woke up everything was normal, I started my day as usual but then it started snowing. And it didn't stop. 
I never saw so much snow coming out of the air in Holland, as you can see in the last picture my 10 cm wedges are completely eaten up by the snow!
Because of all this I thought I would stay on the couch today, with hot coco and tons of movies but instead of that the sun decided to come out. I absolutely love it when everything's covered in snow ├índ the sun is shining, so I had to go out and explore everything all over again since everything's unrecognizable! 

Cardigan/H&M (I changed the buttons)   Vest/ASOS
Grey jeans/Massimo Dutti  Shoes/Alysa
Headband/ASOS  Necklace/Maison Scotch


  1. wat een mooie jeans heb je aan! en heerlijk die sneeuw, hier in het noorden is bijna niks gevallen.

  2. Supermooi outfit! Staat je goed!

    @ Danielle: wow hier in Zuid Holland ligt echt ongelooflijk veel sneeuw!

  3. o my gosh, i just found your blog and you ARE GORGEOUS! no wonder everything looks so great on you!

  4. mooie outfit!

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  5. super leuke outfit!

    vraagje: vallen de schoenen op alysa groot, klein of normaal? ik wil pumps bestellen:-)



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