Fashion Addicted

Last saturday I was attending the official opening party of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. I went with my friend Cosma, who's an expert in applying make-up (something I'm not really good at) so she did my make-up which I really liked!
We had a blast and after the party we had a good meal at Mc Donald's. I think there's no better way to and a perfect party night out, is there?

Dress/Warehouse  Studded Belt/Zara
Shoes/H&M  Ring/Asos

Edit; I found the last picture here on StyleToday


  1. Jullie zagen er allebei mooi uit! Ik ken haar van dat tv programma(ben even de naam kwijt) en volgens mij woonde ze ook in het zelfde dorp als waar ik woon, hihi toevallig.

  2. Tof jurkje, staat je goed|!

  3. look how pretty you are!

    XOXO model from holland
    everyday new post come check it out!

  4. Deed Cosma niet mee aan een stylistenprogramma? En je zag er prachtig uit! :)


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