The Blonde Side of Life 2 .0

So, after being gone for what, like 3 months, I am now back!
In between moving, working on the new apartment, a new job and vacation I realized I was too busy for my blog. To be honest, I wasn’t too busy, but I just didn’t see it as a priority anymore, I didn’t enjoy working on my blog anymore. The fact that I don’t have a regular photographer also helped with that.
Let me put it this way; the self-timer on my camera wasn’t my best friend anymore. I knew I had to focus on other things and when time would pass by, I was going to miss writing on my blog eventually.
And that happened indeed. I started to miss my blog, but what I didn’t miss was trying to come up with impossible ways to put my outfit on camera. Like stopping in the middle of a park to put my camera on the back of my bike on self-timer. Hello… insane!  That’s when I decided to take TheBlondeSideofLife to a whole different level. It’s not going to be just about fashion anymore. From now on you’re going to read about practically anything. I mean, when are 140 signs on Twitter ever enough to say everything you want to say?

Ps; Oh, and one more thing. Please don’t start to panic when I haven’t wrote a blog for 4 days, I promise I won’t stay away as long as I did now ;)!

Ps 2: What do you think about the new lay-out?


  1. love the new layout! happy youre back :)

  2. Yeah we've got a new Lifestyle-Blogger in our midst!

  3. Yay, leuk dat je terug bent! Leuke foto :)! En ik vind je outfit leuk, maar wel erg donker.


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