Amsterdam on ice

The ice and snow is long gone by now, but I couldn't resist sharing these pictures. It's been about 12 years ago since the canals in Amsterdam where solid ice and you could iceskate on them, which makes it extra special.
It is also really weird to stand on crisp white canals and see Amsterdam from a different angle. It was that one moment of standing on the ice that I started loving ice and snow on a whole different level.


  1. hi! i like your blog! it is very nice! lets follow each other? i'll be very happy) thank u)

  2. Leuk! Ik vind het jammer dat je niet zoveel blogs maakt omdat ik ze vaak erg leuk en origineel vindt! :) groetjes Marjolein

    1. Thanks!! Heb het alleen zo druk de laatste tijd dat mijn blog er een beetje bij in schiet :(


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