Home - It's all in the details

As some of you may know, me and my boyfriend bought an apartment together last summer. It is actually a big milestone, my first house! I thought it would be nice to share some details, the last time I showed picture the house looked like this. Can you believe the difference?
We worked so hard on this apartment to make it our dream home and it is not even close to being finished, but there are already spots in the apartment that I really really love. 

You are looking at:
//My favorite shelf in the kitchen
//Dining table
//Light in a jar
//Personal books and frame 


  1. heel leuk, je eettafel stoelen zijn echt prachtig!



  2. so cute that you live with your boyfriend :)
    I'd love to live with mine... I think.
    couldn't take his habits hahaha x

  3. Heel mooi!
    Je eettafel en stoelen zijn echt Prachtig!
    Nog even een vraagje, op die eerste foto heb je die 3 lagen glaasjes zeg maar op elkaar met een dekseltje
    welk merk is dat/waar komt die weg?

  4. Leuke blog en mooie fotos!!

    Groet Ellen


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