Where the wild things are..

I am a little bit addicted to the Ellegirl Forum. I get so much inspiration there, and it's nice to just sit behind my Macbook and watch photos of celebrities and Ellegirls who show their outfits.
Today I have a day of from work, so it's a perfect time to do so. I cam across a picture of Taylor Momsen, talk about a change! She first started out as an all american sweetheart and look at her now!
I personally love her new style, although she can get a little overboard sometimes. But, when I came across this picture I immediately fell in love with her outfit. It's simple, but it works! And I must say, so does the black make-up.
What do you think?

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  1. Jaa, leuke outfit! Die ketting heb ik ook, an H&M mannen afdeling haha! Ik vind haar stijl sowieso leuk.


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