I got this award from 'Mirrors don't talk' (really like her blog!). I think it's pretty awesome to get this award since I'm doing my very best to make this blog as good as possible.

The Rules for this award are:
* Place this award on your blog 
* Thank the person who gave you the award and put their link up too
* Tell seven random facts about yourself
* Pass the award to other bloggers

Ok, here we go; 7 random facts about me

1. I am a true addict to Ben&Jerry's ice cream, so bad that I wait for the store to open so that I can get my B&J.
2. I love to lay on the couch the entire day, watching corny programs like The Hills, E! True Hollywood Story etc. 
3. My favorite movie is The Notebook, but I also love Breakfast at Tiffany's, Vicky Christina Barcelona and Mean Girls.
4. My favorite city is Barcelona, but I think that's because I've never been to New York.
5. I think it's pretty weird to sum up 7 random facts about myself.
6. I love beauty farms. 
7. I'm the most terrible cook you've ever known. (I'm capable of screwing up a salad)

So, now that's done I'd like to pass the award to 3 bloggers I really like!

Again; Thanks to Mirrors don't talk who gave me this award


  1. Thanks chick voor de nominatie!

  2. ah dankje voor je comment meid x

  3. heyy, thank you so much for the award, i'm honored! :)

    i will mention this award in my next post, keep an eye for it :) have a nice day!

  4. Bedankt voor de nominatie! Ik zal hem binnenkort op mijn blog plaatsen!


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