Sitting, waiting, wishing..

This weekend my brother celebrated his 15th birthday, but I still  see hem as if he's 9. That reminded me of when I was a kid, playing around and no worries about anything. We went up to this little playground and made some pictures, it was so fun to be on a cableway again, such a long time ago! I think I went up and down 10 times lol! 
My brother actually made this shots, I think he did a pretty good job. His favorite was the jumping one, which I think is the proof of perfect timing. It always feels so good to be home with my family, especially my little brother because we have a really good bond.   

Scarf/H&M  Vest/Kazo (in Stores half Sept.) 
Tee/Zara  Belt/RiverWoods
Jeans/Massimo Dutti  Booties/H&M


  1. Leuk outfit en foto's!! Mooie lange benen heb je trouwens!

  2. Leuke outfit en stoere laarsjes!

  3. Ik heb je een blogger award gegeven! En ik ga je volgen


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