Count the hearts..

Ever since I got this tights filled with hearts I've been wanting to wear them, unfortunately the weather didn't give me the opportunity. Don't get me wrong, I am a true sun lover but when it comes to clothing I want to wear my new ones as soon as possible. 
Today I thought was the perfect day to wear them. I wanted to combine it with my new favorite shirt, so that it wouldn't look all that girly. 

Shirt/H&M  Top/ASOS  
Shorts/Topshop  Booties/Shick


  1. Hey,

    Wat een ontzettende leuke kleding.
    Zou ik mogen vragen waar je die panty vandaan hebt? (A)
    Ik ben er al heel lang naar op zoek, maar ik kan hem nergens vinden...

  2. Hai! Vraagje, waar heb je jouw ketting gekocht? Vind hem super leuk!


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