Cocktail hour

Since I got back from my vacation, I've been so busy with work!! New collections are arriving and I have to work my ass off to get everything ready as soon as possible since the weather is changing fast. Yesterday my sister came over so it was the perfect time to relax a bit and drink some cocktails. 
It was raining cats and dogs, but that didn't stopped me of wearing a t-shirt and my new heels (which I will show you another time). I combined it with my favorite scarf and some colorful bracelets so that my outfit was in total balance for the weather at the moment! 

ps; Have you noticed my hair is so much blonder since my vacation! 


  1. Thanks! Wedges zijn van shick maar heb ze gekocht bij dolcis. Volgens mij zit er in Amsterdam een winkel van shick en ze hebben ook een webshop!

    Leuke foto's, mooie lach heb je!

  2. Oh haha ik zie net dat je zelf ook al schoenen van shick hebt ;)

  3. what a beautiful sister you have!


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